Hawaii is a lovely, tremendous island brimming with unbelievable wonders, serine sights and a variety of sights, which no visitor can go without seeing.

Explore Hawaii with us; the transport of choice, for Hawaii and beyond. See sights you can only dream about, and see places that are vast picturesque in a world where there are too much to worry about already; let go.



The gathering place



The garden isle



The gathering place



The big island

Our services stretch out to the most distant part of the island; even to Oahu, known as "The gathering Place", is the third biggest Hawaiian Island. It is a home to around 66% of the Population of the state. It additionally holds the state capital Honolulu on the southeast drift. Travel and find Oahu using our taxi, private auto, or transport benefits and have a great time touring, unwinding and having a good time. ExploreKaua'I with us, the geographically oldest main island of Hawaii, with a region of only 562 sq. miles; it's the fourth biggest Hawaiian island which is otherwise called the "garden" Isle. It's additionally the home to the Waimea Canyon State Park, an incredible vacation spot. Go to the Valley Isle, the Island of Maui which is the second biggest Hawaiian Island, and experience Kihei, Wailea, Wakena, Kihei Town, Lahaina, Ka'anapali, Kapalua, Makawao, Paualani, Pa'ia, Kula, Hana and the sky is the limit from there. We are the transportation of choice throughout Hawaii; we serve our clients all through the state and all through the 4 Islands. With quality around each corner, we need to separate ourselves for the rest and bring genuine Hawaiian qualities, ethics and welcome to everybody.

The serine and evergreen has various lovely characteristics, landscape, a warm tropical atmosphere and a diverse open shorelines. Hawaii is the surfer’s dream, with massive waves and more. Hawaii is the home to active volcanos, and very diverse ecologies, making it an amazing spot for scientists, biologists, volcanologists and tons more. Our taxi, private car and shuttle services serve all 4 islands, from the Lihue Airport in Lihue, the Honolulu (Oahu) international airport, Kahului Airport in Maul. The Hilo International Airport in Hawaii, to the Kona (Hawaii) International Airport.

Do you love to see places in Hawaii island? We give our clients private cars so they can appreciate all the magnificence Hawaii brings to the table. We provide our customers with private cars so they can enjoy all the beauty Hawaii has to offer. We believe in sending our customers with all the necessary transportation arrangements, so their stay will be comfortable, relaxed and worry free. At Hawaii and have no idea where to go? We also offer sightseeing tours all over the Hawaiian islands starting at just $60 an hour; go to places you wouldn’t have imagined to go to, beaches, waterfalls, historic destination, hot spots, etc. We have confidence in keeping our clients happy; with a variety of value guides, proficient transportation, astonishing services and a fun, relaxed environment, so you can appreciate Hawaii for what it is, and how it ought to be experienced. Get the taste of Hawaii through our Transportation services, and have a great time. Just forget whatever problem you might be having and enjoy your time.


Ground transportation

Private and affordable taxi-like services to get you to your destination on time. All taxi, shuttle and private car services are persona lized and we pick you or your group at your desired location. All airport transportation is based on a competitive flat-rate.


Sightseeing tours

We offer sightseeing tours starting at $60 per hour. We have several tour packages offering preset destinations which include waterfall tours, beach tours, historic site tours, and scenic route tours. All tours are fully customizable, allowing you to pick and choose which sites you want to see from any of our tour packages. Each tour includes a safe and friendly driver/tour guide. They are sure to give a memorable tour experience as they impart the knowledge and history of the various locations and sites around the islands.


lei greeting

What better way to get started on your Hawaiian holiday than with a fragrant, fresh blossom lei? In Hawaiian custom, lei is symbolic of hospitality, love, value, and aloha. Worn by men and women, lei is carefully draped on the shoulders, suspending down in the front and again. The garland of beautiful, sweet-scented blooms can be worn anytime and everywhere, on special events, or no occasion whatsoever. Why don't we greet you with a normal fresh rose lei after your entrance, or surprise special someone with this beautiful Hawaiian custom. Experience true Hawaiian hospitality when you are greeted with a brand new bloom lei and a warm "aloha!" An international airport lei greeting models the build for your complete Hawaiian vacation. From the tradition you will not want to miss! Want a Lei greeting as soon as you arrive at the airport? Choose Pono Express Lei greeting services and experience the true Hawaiian culture the minute to step out of the plane.

Types of Lei Greetings available:

    The Classic Orchid Lei Greeting

    The beautiful purple collection of handpicked Orchids to make your arrival at the Island beautiful, fresh and cultural. This Lei is one of the most popular ones on the market; a simple, traditional greeting to kick start your arrival.

    Ti Leaf Lei Greeting

    The serenity of a beautiful green leaf, the beauty of Hawaii and the happiness of landing at one of the world’s best tourist locations, may not be enough. With the Ti Leaf, get the full customary Hawaiian experience and feel refreshed as soon as you get out of your plane.

    Kukui Nut Lei Greeting

    The amazing and versatile Kukui Nut is one of the most amazing things to grow in Hawaii. With medicinal properties that can cure many health issues, it is also used as a laxative, from the times of Ancient Hawaiians. Get the Kukui Nut Lei greeting and experience the wonderful nut in action, and enjoy your stay at Hawaii

    Deluxe Orchid Lei Greeting

    AN every wonder, thin and delicate Lei which is as beautiful as the person it’s put on; this Lei, with its fragrance and beauty, makes the whole Lei special. Get the authentic Hawaiian experience with this beautiful Lei and enjoy your welcome to Hawaii.

    Cigar Flower Lei Greeting

    The beautiful purple collection of handpicked Orchids to make your arrival at the Island beautiful, fresh and cultural. This Lei is one of the most popular ones on the market; a simple, traditional greeting to kick start your arrival.

    Fragrant Tuberrose Lei

    A special Lei, amazing for people that want to smell like Hawaii. A treat to the nose and to the eyes. Enjoy with your loved ones with this fragrant Lei and set foot into beautiful Hawaii elegantly.

    Lei Packages

    We have various Lei packages for 1 or more people; our leis are centered towards all; singles, couples, families, etc. With our packs, everyone can experience a true Hawaiian welcome with elegance.

    Get our Lei greeting packages today.


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